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Database Service - Could your database do with a cleanup ?

If you maintain your own database you’ll know how much time and effort goes in to keeping the information up to date.
But postcodes change, people move, register with the Mailing Preference Service, get married and pass away. Businesses cease trading or relocate or merge at an astonishing rate.
And before you know it, despite your best efforts, the database that you have so laboriously built up is now out of date. You’re mailing to people who have moved or just don’t want to receive direct mail any more.

Fortunately this is quite easy to sort out.

On your behalf (and without any commitment) we can run your database against all the main suppression lists. We will then produce a Statistics report which will tell you how many records need changing and how much it will cost to correct.
If you then wish to go ahead with the enhancements we process the database and return it to you. Or you choose which enhancements you would like to use and re-run the job.
If you don’t wish to go ahead there is no charge.