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Enclose & Post - Your promotional material

Our mail fulfilment equipment includes high speed, 6 and 8 station enclosing machines that can insert many types of promotional material including letters, statements, newsletters, magazines, brochures and catalogues into paper envelopes or polywrap.

If you are still affixing labels to envelopes, manually inserting leaflets, folding letters, sealing flaps, franking envelopes and trying to liase with Royal Mail then we don’t need to tell you how laborious, time consuming, boring and downright difficult it is.
Get Crowndell to do it for you and an hour or two later it’s ready to be despatched.

We’ve invested large amounts of money on the best equipment for this kind of work.
Our folders will fold 30,000 sheets an hour neatly, accurately and in order.
Our inserting machines can place 8 different items into one C5 envelope every 0.7 of a second.
Our laser printers will produce 9000 letters an hour  - 2000 of them in full colour
Our ink jet printers will print addresses to 12000 envelopes every hour.
Our software will process your database in seconds to get you the best possible discounts.

We do all this to make your life so much easier and still save you money.