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Leaflet dispersal – Find transporting your leaflets a headache ?

If you’ve booked a leaflet distribution with either Free Newspapers or Royal Mail you will now have been given your contract and a list of delivery addresses and the quantity each address needs.

All you need to do now is:
Ensure your items are correctly boxed / bundled,
Check that they are correctly labelled with the distribution details
Book in deliveries at the various delivery points
Organise transport for deliveries to the various depots
Ensure that everything happens on time.
Double check all the above.


You can send us the distribution summary and let us sort it all out for you.

We have our own fleet of vehicles, drivers, forklift drivers, banding machines, access to a variety of carriers, a 5000 square foot warehouse, forklift, racking and all the equipment needed to get your dispersal done.

If your items arrive incorrectly boxed / bundled (it happens) we have the staff available to re-work where necessary.

If you get any of this wrong you’ll find that Royal Mail’s terms and conditions (read these carefully) allow them to bill you the full charge for the distribution whether your items are distributed or not.