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Beat the Royal Mail Price Rise .....

Learn how you can make a MASSIVE SAVING !

The cost of postage for delivering next day can be as high as £0.60 per letter, or as low as £0.30 using a 7 working day service.
This can result in a massive saving.
Based on these prices on a 4000 item mailing we can potentially save you as much as £1200.

Postal discounts are available when mailing over 4000 letter size items or 1000 large letter items. Discounts are given for producing mail and presenting it to the carrier in such a way that it’s easy for them to process it.

The value of discounts vary tremendously depending on service.

With savings like these it’s vitally important that the presentation of your items is perfect and that you have access to the various facilities that allow you to benefit from these discounts.

Crowndell provide everything you need to take advantage of these massive savings.

We can also place your mail with other carriers whose discounts can be even greater on some services.